tiistai 19. toukokuuta 2009


Joko sinä odotat kesää?

Are you already waiting for the summer?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Piia!
First - my mom's birthday is today...But the big party is tomorrow. Today there were only the family and the direct neighbours invited for coffee and cake. Early in the morning I bake a cake with yeast. It's a recipe from my grandmother - with big crumbles and sour cherries....mhhhhh, I love it!
Now I'm very tired and tomorrow it will be a long day...
And so the photos from you are very relaxing....
Yesterday (very early this morning!) I wanted to leave a comment here (in the last post), but there came an error message. Hope that there is no problem today ;o)

Wish you a wonderful evening!

Black on White kirjoitti...

Manou - It works now! No more errors!

Your mother had great day, best wishes for her!
Big parties are nice. Enjoy (and try to rest well before that)!

Cake sounds delicious! I haven't bake that kind of ever. I'm interested:)

Those photos are from last summer. I tried to put them to the right folders and wanted to show all of you. Summer holiday, come quickly:)

Now I send you extra big hug and a lot of energy to the today's party.

Sleep well!

Ilona kirjoitti...

Ei kun kesähän on jo! :)

Black on White kirjoitti...

Totta, onhan se, omalla tavallaan.
Minulle toukokuu on aina ollut kutkuttavaa odotusta tulevasta. Kesäkuun alku virallistaa kesän ja se, kun voi jo aamusta kulkea hameessa ja rantasandaaleissa, eikä palele. Odotan sitä, että pääsee uimaan ja illalla ei ole niin nöpönuukaa monelta tulee kotiin. Parasta on se huoleton asenne, joka syntyy kesän myötä.
Jotenkin miellän heinäkuun aina parhaaksi ja aurinkoisimmaksi kesäkuukaudeksi, vaikka todellisuudessa koko Suomen kesä kaikkine vivahteineen on ihastuttava. Värit muuttuvat kirkkaista ja raikkaista paahteisiksi ja syvenevät loppukesää kohti.

Nautitaan joka hetkestä! Iloista helatorstain odotusta. Kiva, kun huomenna on vapaata!

koralee kirjoitti...

Iam so waiting for summmer to come....we live in an area that has so many blueberry farmers...we pick tons of them every July...those ones in your image really make me want summer to come very very fast...Great post..i love the color Blue!!!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Piia!
The party is over, my guests for the nights left me this morning. Now it's time to look around ;o).
You are interested in the recipe for the cake? I think I can try to translate it for you the next days...The cake is really delicious!

Thank you for your extra energy ;o)!!
I really needed it!

Hope you will have a wonderful day!!

Juste kirjoitti...

I think, summer son will come to us:)
In Lithuania we still don't have much sunny days, bet the things get better, i hope so:)

Black on White kirjoitti...

Koralee - I just can't wait that blueberries are ready to pick up. Those are so delicious!

Manou - Ooh, the cake recipe. I'm so interested!
Have a nice evening!

Juste - Thank you very much for your visit! It's always as nice to have new visitors.
This weekend has been very warm here in Finland. I'm so happy for that!

Hope you have had sunny and lovely weekend too!

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