tiistai 12. toukokuuta 2009

Coleslaw - Sunny Salad

Viime viikonloppuna tein ensimmäisen kerran Coleslaw-salaattia. Yksinkertainen raastesalaatti upposi niin mukavasti, että tein tänään toisen satsin. Aurinkoinen salaatti aurinkoiseen päivään. 

I made Coleslaw salad for the first time last weekend. It was so good that I have to made another salad already today. Sunny salad for the sunny day.

You need:

One grated carrot

300 g chopped cabbage

1 dl pineapple (crushed is better)

chopped leek

one unpeeled sour apple, cored and chopped

Pineapple juice

Put the cabbage to the strainer and pour boiling water through it. Let it cool. 
In a large bowl, combine carrot, pineapple, leek, apple and cabbage. Add parsley. 
In a small bowl, mix together mayonnaise, few tablespoon pineapple juice and salt. 
Pour dressing over salad. 

Salad is good also without dressing. Maybe even better.

2 kommenttia:

Something White kirjoitti...

I´ll prepare this lovely salad for myself in the coming days! Very good inspiration you give me. I´m watching my weight for the moment and I would like to lose some of my round shapes... :D
Nothing better and healthier than a good and fresh salad like this one!

Black on White kirjoitti...

Hope you'll like it. I should also eat more lightly. This is good (without mayonnaise) for that.

Have a lovely day!

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