lauantai 16. toukokuuta 2009

Early in the morning

Viikonloput ovat aina yhtä odotettuja. Näissä merkeissä käynnistyi tämä lauantai. 

I always wait for weekends. These belongs to this Saturday morning.


1 banaani/banana
2 kananmunaa/eggs
2 dl banaanijogurttia/banana yogurt
1 dl maitoa/milk
2 dl vehnäjauhoja/wheat flour
0,5 tl suolaa/0,5 teaspoon salt
2 rkl siirappia/2 tablespoon syrup


sitruunalikööriä/citron liquer

Ihanaa viikonlopun jatkoa!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

6 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Piia!
Thanks for your congratulations ;o)!
You read the post? You became also this wonderful award!!
I think that it is very difficult to name only two or three blogs, 'cause there are so many beautiful blogs! And so I want to give the award to all my favourite blogs - and you are one of these ;o)!!!

My mother will have her birthday on Tuesday, and so many people will come because she will be 60years old! And my brother and I will donate her the music for this evening. But it is not easy to find really good old music...
And there are so many other things to know - and the time goes by ;o)
Your banana pancakes looks so delicious!! I hope you enjoyed your start for weekend and that you will have time for the *nice things of the life* this sunday!


rabbit and the duck kirjoitti...

Those banana pancakes look so delicious. My muesli that I'm currently eating isn't half as tempting as those. Enjoy your weekend : )

koralee kirjoitti...

just found your lovely beautiful and how i love banana pancakes..will have to try your sauce....oh yes and Country Living one of my Favorites...i order the British addition so mine is always a month behind in coming to my home...i do get the American one on time....thanks for sharing....

Ansku kirjoitti...

Nam!! Noita on kyllä pakko kokeilla! :)

Black on White kirjoitti...

Manou - Yes, I read it but I didn't understand to take that award at first. Thank you!
I think the same, it's hard to name only a few. This is better, everyone who want it can get it.

You have very creative week behind. I saw from you blog:) Sometimes all comes at the same time. I hope you'll find the music you are looking for and the birthday will be memorable.

Good night, sleep tight!

Rabbit and the duck - I try to do something special those days I have no hurry. Usually my breakfast is also quite boring.
Hopefully you have had great weekend!

Koralee - Thank You for visiting here! Always as lovely to have a new visitor.
I made my strawberry sauce from frozen berries and add a little bit water to it, sugar as much you need and liqueur for the taste. It's very food!
Country Living - I love it!

Ansku - Kokeile ihmeessä! Toimivat ilman kastikettakin, maku tulee paremmin esille.
Uusi tukka, vau:)

Juste kirjoitti...

Wow! It is perfect breakfast for weekend! looks so sweet! and the photos lovely!

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