torstai 14. toukokuuta 2009

Low battery

Legal stimulants. 
Right now I'm so happy that weekend is already close.  

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Oh, Piia!
You're so right!!Weekend is coming!!!
Hope you *survive* the friday to enjoy the weekend to the full!!
Maybe with these sweet milkglasses and a chocolate bar ;o)?
Wish you a good night and wonderful dreams!

sweetly lovely afternoon kirjoitti...

Yeah...bring on the weekend. Hang in there, it's almost over. Chocolate is always a great excuse to take a break.

Blessings + have a lovely weekend:)

rabbit and the duck kirjoitti...

I love your mug, so cute : ) And I'm intrigued with the tape measure - what is that?

flyinamber kirjoitti...

thnx for visiting "fly in amber",Piia!
your photos from Rhodos are very beautiful..I have never been there but my cousin was and he was enthusiastic too..
I love old towns very much..we have lot of old towns here in croatia,some are really well preserved..
love your blog banner!
I will visit you again!
have a nice weekend!

Black on White kirjoitti...

Manou - I was so tired after the week. Day off feels so good now.

Hope you have had great time in this weekend. Today was wonderful weather here in Finland. Sun shined all day long!

Sweet dreams!

Sweetly lovely afternoon - You are so right! Now I have to always have chocolate in my cupboard, for the bad day.

I wish you also very nice and creative weekend!

Rabbit and the duck - I love that too! It has belonged to my grandparents as that's why very important to me. The tape measure is a table cloth. There are some more photos of that previously here in my blog. I ordered it from the H&M. They have now also textiles to home.

Fly in amber - So nice you visited here and liked my travel photos from Rhodes. Old towns - I noticed that we have same interests.
I have never been in Croatia but wanted to travel there for many years. Hopefully that dream will come true very soon.

Have a nice weekend too!

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