maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2009

Upeaa rojua

Kälylläni on uskomaton määrä ihania sisustuskirjoja. Kyläreissulla on aina yhtä miellyttävää koluta kirjahyllyä ja tehdä löytöjä. Tämä ihanuus osui käteeni viime kerralla.

My sister-in-law has an incredible amount of wonderful interior and furnishing books. It's always as lovely to go through her bookcase and make discoveries. This is what I found last time.

Upeaa rojua
Vanhojen huonekalujen uusi elämä

Eva-Maria Wilken, Kim Wilken
ISBN: 9789510347454

8 kommenttia:

Something White kirjoitti...

That´s a supertip! I´m fond of interior-books as well, but I didn´t know these authors before; so thanks a lot! :)
Many greetings and enjoy the books!

Black on White kirjoitti...

You're welcome!
It's always my pleasure to share this kind of information!

koralee kirjoitti...

I love these books...they always inspire...i get the whole summer off and all i plan to do is read and find every interior book i can to look at! Thanks so so much.

Juste kirjoitti...

wonderful book, i hope, You will found a lot of inspirations in it. And i so love the old- new things and country style

Black on White kirjoitti...

Koralee - Books are my weakness! I love books too. I have very many at home and when I go to the bookshop I usually buy new one. I just can't resist them.

Have a nice summer holiday! I try to found nice new books and share them here with you.

Juste - It really is very inspiring!
If you want you can check my post on 4th March 2009. There is quite nice test of home styles and interior. Try on!

Sue kirjoitti...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog... I'm pleased to have found yours - it is lovely - you are lucky to have a sister with a great bookcase! :-)

Something White kirjoitti...

I tried to order the book in Danish language (´Flot Skrot´) and I hope it will arrive soon here in Belgium! :D
Thank you once again for sharing the information. I´m really crazy about interior-books and never can get enough... :)

Black on White kirjoitti...

Sue - Thank you so much for you visit!

Something white - Have you already get your new book? Hope you enjoy of it!

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