sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2009

Jäinen lauantai

Eilen sai nauttia mitä kauneimmasta pakkassäästä. En millään malttanut pysyä pihalta pois. Aurinko paistoi ja pakkanen nipisteli poskia. Hanget kimmelsivät kilpaa auringon kanssa ja jäähelmet loistivat. Tämä suunnaton kauneus teki äärettömän onnelliseksi.

Yesterday I enjoyed the beautiful frosty weather and spent my time outside for many hours. The sun was shining and frost pinched cheeks. Snowbanks glistened with the sun and the icy beads glowed. This tremendous beauty makes me extremely happy.

4 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Piia! So wonderful pictures!
The little ice at the twigs looks like sugar crystals, the scenery is covered with icing or powdered sugar...fantastic!
I love the clear and fresh air in these frosty days and I love the pictures the winter make.
Sadly,these days are over here in Bavaria, I think....
Have a very nive Sunday!!!

Black on White kirjoitti...

Sunday went so fast. I was cross-country skiing first time in two years and it was so difficult. I have practice a lot to get good condition and improve my skills.
The weather wasn't as fine as in Saturday but good enough for training outside.
I can send you a little bit finnish winter and hope that you can also enjoy of those frosty and sunny days.
Have a nice Monday evening!

Rabbit and the Duck kirjoitti...

I love your snowy wonderland! Here in Melbourne we do not get snow, and can you believe I have never seen snow in real life yet? This Winter I will commit to driving out of the city to see some snow.

Black on White kirjoitti...

Rabbit and the Duck - It' s so difficult to understand how much can the weather differ there and here. It feels completely impossible that you have ever seen snow in real life. But you have there plenty of that we are missing here.
It's richness that we live in such different countries and it's always nice to hear what's happening there!

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