torstai 9. heinäkuuta 2009

Travel fever

Kesäloma lähestyy ja matkakuume kasvaa. 
Keväiset lomakuvat antavat ensiavun.  

Summer holiday is approaching and travel fever rising. 
Photos from spring holiday give first aid. 

Ihanaa viikonloppua!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Piia!
So many beautiful pictures!!! And you are so busy!! I have no time to post something ;o)
Every minute I tinker things for my little shop and I have a lot of fun!
A few days ago I bought cotton which you can use with a normal inkjet printer. This weekend I will test it ;o)
Wish you a nice evening and a sunny weekend!!!
Where you will travel the next holidays?
Many hugs,

Ansku kirjoitti...

Argh... Jo otsikon perusteella olisi kai pitänyt juosta karkuun! ;) Ihania kuvia, niin kuin aina. Oikein tulvahti muistoja ja tunnelmia mieleen! Me ollaankin huomenna lähdössä reissuun, muttei valitettavasti tuonne... :D

jeera kirjoitti...

Sama fiilis, huomenna lähdetään!:)

koralee kirjoitti...

Lovely images...i want to go travelling so bad..just me and my camera (ok....and my husband to keep me company) Have a great weekend..lots of sunshine where i live today!

rabbit and the duck kirjoitti...

I'm ready to pack my bags and jump on a plane after seeing your lovely photographs!

Black on White kirjoitti...

Manou - You must told me how that cotton work in printer!
I haven't yet decided where to travel. If weather is good here in Finland, summer cottage would be nice but last summers have shown me that weather could be very capricious.
I have to make my decision now, only one week to holiday.
Hope you have had great weekend!


Ansku - Voi Ansku, toivottavasti teillä on hyvä reissu!

Jeera - Hyvää matkaa!

Koralee - That's what I need too!
I have to remember to buy a new memory card to the camera. This one made me angry last holiday. I think it is little bit damaged because it filled so quickly.
Have a nice Sunday evening!

rabbit and the duck - Thanks Shannon! My fever is so bad right now, that I already pack suitcase in my mind.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...


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