lauantai 5. joulukuuta 2009

My precious

I couldn't resist the temptation.
I had to buy myself a little Christmas present.

7 kommenttia:

Ansku kirjoitti...

Kuinka ihana! Ei tuollaista olisi voinutkaan vastustaa. :)

Jennifer Lee kirjoitti...

ohhh.... precious in deed! merry early christmas to you!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...


Black on White kirjoitti...

Ansku - Sano muuta!

Thank you Jennifer and Chicago City Girl!

Alkemie kirjoitti...

Absolutely nothing wrong with getting one's self a little something ;) It's gorgeous!

Karen Olivia

Rebecca kirjoitti...

How beautiful!!

I also love the picture in your header!! Did you grow the bonsai yourself?

Black on White kirjoitti...

Thank you Karen and Rebecca!
I love bonsai trees very much and every now and then I feel that this time could be different and I'll manage to keep my bonsai alive. But no :(

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