perjantai 28. elokuuta 2009

Have a nice weekend!

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Hi Piia!!!!
Thanks a lot for your congratulations!! I'm so happy, although there are so many things to do. But I think, everything is possible ;o)))
Now, I have a little time to write you. I saw your wonderful crochets! There are really beautiful!!! You made them in your hollidays?
The pictures you made - I don't know what to say ;o) I was never in Greek (it's too hot for me!!) but I like the colours - the crystalblue sea, the lightness, the white sand. And if I look at your pictures, I think I'm there! I feel the summerbreeze!!
By the way - your little *weekendmonster* is so cute!! I like it very much! Have you sewn it?
Wish you a wonderful sunny weekend!!!

Black on White kirjoitti...

Kiitos Ansku!

Manou, I love Greece. I have been there quite a many times and every time I found something new. Zakynthos was very beautiful and sea had great role in there. Of course, because the island is so small.
I bought that "Weekendmonster" from Zakynthos. It was so funny that I couldn't resist that!

Good night!

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